More Information Necessary on Car Insurance Policies

The car insurance customers often visit car insurance comparison sites to compare various quotes being offered. The charges included in the quotes are often not disclosed clearly to them and they may have to repent their decision of a particular insurer later.

Related to this matter, a leading insurance provider in the UK has shown some concern. Defaqto has said that the motorists of the UK, who are car insurance customers, should be given clear information about all the money being charged from them. It says, car insurance companies must clearly inform the motorists about the exact amounts they are charging in the direct debit fees from them. This matter was taken after the completion of an annual study by the company in the break down cover sector of the state.

The results of this study reveal that many car insurance customers prefer paying monthly installments for their car insurance premiums. The monthly installments are given preference especially when the packaged premiums are exceptionally high.

The study also helped in discovering that the average fee charged by the insurance companied in the year 2010 was 8-11 per cent of the gross premium. However, there were no specifications related to these fees in the policies in the insurance market. The company considers this matter a serious issue for the entire car insurance industry.

If the car insurance customers are not given a proper and clear statement of the amounts of the money being charged from them, they can be a great risk to overspend on their vehicle insurances. During this time, the motoring costs are already touching the sky with increasing fuel prices, road taxes, and car insurance premiums. A proper and clear understanding of every aspect of their car insurance policies can help in maintaining a proper household budget and not over spend on the already soaring premiums.

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