Responds to the Graduate Driver Licensing Program

With the insurance sector struggling with newer crises as to whether ban on the young drivers would be a possible solution, one among the leading car insurance comparison sites believes that more of the younger motorists in UK really do need better driving experience. The insurance major confirms that the young motorists of the country would have a better track record on the UK roads if only they could better their driving skills. The head of the insurance department at is of the opinion that a better training is of vital importance to the underage motorists. This was in response to the ongoing debate within UK, where a poll showed that over 56% of the population did not accept the banning program as the appropriate solution.


The head of the vehicle insurance also understands that it would be really difficult to ensure that such a program could stand in a driving scenario such as that of UK. Furthermore, it is obvious that banning the young drivers would effectively hinder the youngsters from gaining the required experience that night-time driving alone could teach. However, the company does agree to the fact that the newly qualified motorists as well as the younger drivers do pose a bigger risk than that of the experienced drivers- be it the daytime or the nighttimes. Younger drivers have always been tagged as the high risk group by the insurance sector which is why it is difficult for them to find appropriate premiums among the car insurance comparison sites.

As per the history of the insurance sector, the male drivers both young and adults have had the reputation of “boy racer”- an image that has made it difficult for them to land better prices and schemes. Just last month, the company responded to the queries against the Graduate Driver Licensing saying that any such program would require appropriate reasoning as to whether it will have any impact on reducing the number of road accidents.

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