Many Motorists Do Not Fully Understand Comprehensive Car Insurance

Churchill provides car insurance and it has produced some interesting research about drivers’ understanding of fully comprehensive car insurance. The results of this research do give some cause for concern.

some motorists mistakenly appear to think that they have fully comprehensive cover when driving someone else's car when using their own fully comprehensive car insurance to provide the cover

Research carried out by Churchill into what some motorists think they are covered for with fully comprehensive car insurance is concerning.

Apparently, a staggering 35% of motorists that hold a UK driving license are under the impression that the above level of cover insures them to drive any car and be covered at the same level. Worse still, of those aged between 18 to 34, 46% were of the same opinion.

There are very few car insurance companies that will provide this level of cover if you were to drive another car in the above situation. Most will only provide third party cover. This means that if you were driving another vehicle and it was involved in an accident, you would only be covered for damage to the other car, other property and other individuals. You would not be insured for any damage to the car that you are actually driving.

Another interesting statistic revealed in the above research was that only 12% of drivers realized that such insurance is normally only for a limited period of time. You should normally only drive someone else’s car that has given you permission to do so in an emergency. If you were going to drive that person’s car more frequently and wanted to be covered for fully comprehensive insurance then you could apply to be added to their fully comprehensive car insurance policy as an additional driver.

There are millions of motorists in the UK so there must be a huge number that are under the wrong impression about the level of cover that they may have if driving someone else’s car and relying on their own insurance. You really should check your comprehensive car insurance policy wording to see what cover is provided when driving another person’s vehicle.