Many Motorists Admit Using Phones While Driving

According to research done by a car insurance comparison website, almost 40% of drivers admitted to checking their mobile phones while driving. This fact highlights the need for a good car insurance policy as these motorists could cause serious accidents.

15% of the drivers who were asked said that whenever they were stuck in a traffic jam, they used the opportunity to make phone calls and send e-mails while 21% admitted to using mobile phones when they were caught up at the traffic lights.

45% of the motorists said that they will not start a car journey unless their mobile phone was clearly visible to them.

With the increased popularity of social networking on phones, a staggering 27% admitted to logging on and checking Facebook while driving. While one fifth confessed that they were unable to last more than 15 minutes without checking their phone for any updates. If a driver is using a mobile phone, he is more than 4 times more likely to crash than normal drivers who do not use mobile phones while driving.

The director of RoadSafe, Adrian Walsh says, “It’s a frightening thought that people are checking their smart phones whilst driving. Many studies from across the world prove that drivers using phones are slower to respond than those who are just over the drink-drive limit.  It is dangerous to use a phone – even hands free when driving.”

The head of a popular car insurance comparison website, Gareth Kloet said, “Our research shows that although people are aware of the consequences involved, they struggle to tear themselves away from their mobile phones and social media.  Using these devices while driving is incredibly dangerous.”