Make Sure Your Car Is Insured

In the UK it is believed that there are about 1.2 million drivers that are not insured that should be.

There are about 1.2 million motorists in the UK without vehicle insurance that should have it-don't be one of them or you may get arrestedJust to remind you that, if you have not completed the Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) declaring that your vehicle has been taken off the road, then you must make sure it is insured. A SORN vehicle cannot be left uninsured on the road-it must be removed from the public highway. All non-SORN vehicles must now be insured whether they are on the road, on your drive or even in your garage.

In Scotland, the police have just commenced a crackdown on catching uninsured drivers for the next three days.

If you are caught without valid car insurance the penalties are potentially very severe as you could face a fine of as much as £5,000 and your car could be impounded. If you are found not to have a driving license that is valid you could also be faced with having to pay a fine of as much as £1,000. To compound the situation, both these offences carry as many as 8 penalty points.

The police will not be interested in your excuses – they will no doubt have heard them already from countless other motorists.

Sandy Bowman, Chief Inspector, who is the Head of Road Policing with Tayside Police, commented: “These campaigns are essentially about providing education and enforcement in respect of road safety.

“They provide an opportunity to remind drivers that they are risking having their vehicle seized and subsequently crushed if they are caught driving any type of vehicle without a licence or insurance.

“Tayside Police have been using these powers for six years now, and in that time they have proved to be an invaluable tool in removing vehicles from our communities which are a potential danger to us all.”

So, if you are one of the 1.2 million motorists without insurance, do something about it and get some car insurance straight away even if it is just third party insurance.