Make best car insurance deals during the period of stable premiums

Car insurance quotes have been dwindling since the very beginning of the year. As per AA Insurance, the premiums stayed static during the first quarter of the year, thus providing the drivers a ray of hope before their next escalation. The company suggested that the beginning of the year serves as the most favorable time for maximum car sale. It is this time, when the car insurance companies tend to destabilize their policy features in order to boost their business.

The latest AA British Insurance Premium Index records a fall of 3.2% in the average comprehensive quote. However, the analysts of AA Insurance believe that this fall is a momentary halt before the final escalation which will remain throughout the year. The average insurance quote for fire, theft and third party car insurance scheme fell by about 4.5%. However, the last twelve months also witnessed an overall rise in the average insurance rate for complete car cover by 13.4% and a relative rise of 19% I the quotes for fire, theft and third party. As a response to these trends, the Director of AA insurance comments that most of the insurers retain their premiums in the first quarter of every year when the competition is high. It is this time when most car insurance policies get renewed.

In the previous year, people experienced a trend of increased premiums in the first quarter, which was likely to happen this year as well. However, 2010 had an all- surprising beginning. While a major number of insurers have displayed modest escalation, the quarterly reduction is primarily due to a fall in some high broker rates. These broker rates were reduced to keep in track with the market average. It is thus derived that the price stability on various car insurance comparison sites is unlikely to last for long. The pressures of personal injury claim and frauds continue to show their affects on the premiums.

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