Maintain your no-claims insurance discount- GMP

Buying car insurance in the UK is becoming a daunting task. Already soaring motoring costs and the rising fuel prices are adding more to the sky-high car insurance premiums. It has become very important for the UK motorists to compare the various quotes carefully obtained from car insurance comparison sites and look for various discounts that can be availed. One such discount is the no claims bonus.

Various car insurance companies offer the car insurance customers a discount in the next policy if they show a well maintained no-claims bonus. This means that they have been driving for at least three years without making any claim from their car insurance provider for a car damage or theft. Maintaining this no-claims discount is essential for normalising the soaring premiums amounts.

The importance of keeping the vehicles safe this summer by locking them up when not in use has been reminded to the motorists of the north-west town. This safety measure for the car will enable them to maintain their no-claims bonus. Greater Manchester Police have been contributing by helping the motorists to take security measures for their car.

An inspector said that many people are still making their vehicles an easy treat for the thieves by leaving them unlocked. He said that offenders will be targeted but the residents must do their bits.

It is also essential to protect your car from thieves by removing all the clutter and valuables from the inside of the car. It must be parked in well-lit areas and must be always locked when left alone, even outside home. Protecting your car from thieves is not a difficult task, and it helps in maintaining your no-claims discount too.

Storing your vehicle in a garage overnight and installing some security devices will also help in keeping away from the opportunistic thieves.

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