Lying About Insurance Claims Would Make Situation Worse Say Insurance Experts

About a third of the motorists in the UK have been seen to make insurance claims on fraudulent basis. A research from one among the prominent car insurance comparison sites, shows that people would go to the extent of lying in order to get the maximum of the insurance payout. When the company surveyed the motorists as to whether they would consider telling the truth about their mistakes such as that of leaving the car unlocked, it was seen that most of them would prefer lying about the same. Although, there were a group of individuals about 23% who said that they would volunteer with the information, an appalling 11 million of the population preferred lying as the best option.
It is shocking to realize that there are more fraudsters that the insurance companies are dealing with who would go to any extreme in order to get the pay out from the claim. Furthermore, with the insurance supermarket responding poorly to the global recession, it is likely that more of the insurance customers would grab any of the opportunities to stay financially secured. Making an insurance claim is the right of a customer but under such circumstances whether most of them have been staging accidents and making fraudulent claims, the acts are still illegal. It would be better to compare among the car insurance comparison sites in order to find better policies rather than sticking to illegitimate means.

The research shows that about 14% of the drivers between ages of 18-34 are often disposed to cover their carelessness while only 3%of the senior population is inclined to do so. Furthermore, there was also a difference that arose a part of the gender with about 10% of the males ready to lie for their insurance policies while only about a six percent of the women could think of something like this. Make sure that the claims that you make are honest and legitimate. Insurance sector relies on the customers as it does on the global market. By lying, you are only making it worse for yourself.

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