Look into car insurance comparison sites and avoid pothole accident expenses

Car insurance claims have soared lately after big freeze as reported by AA insurance. Director of the company exclaimed that they have witnessed four times increase in claims due to the damage caused by potholes as compared to last year. The company also showed serious concern on the increasing number of potholes on the Britain roads in winter. It was calculated previous month that increase in VAT profits from the petrol could have been used for repairing potholes in UK in matter of 100 days.

AA insurance claimed that extra 1.8p VAT every litre can help in smothering Britain roads within 3 to 4 months. Most of these potholes are not that dangerous and cause little damage but one can also find A list potholes that can cause serious injuries to the drivers. These potholes have worst damage on wheels, tyres, suspension and steering wheels.

The company director further elaborated saying that if a driver hits a pothole, he can witness vibration; steering wheel will not be centered properly. One should get the car checked immediately after meeting pothole. To avoid maximum damage, keep an eye on the tyres. These tyres can be cause serious accidents if not attended properly. Changing the tyres immediately would be the smartest thing to do in such a situation would be smartest thing to do.

AA insurance company is also inviting the drivers to report on the potholes they find at various places so that action can be taken immediately. It is important to be wary of the potholes this winter and also buy a suitable car insurance cover so that you do have a hard time recovering your money if the car meets an accident due to one of them. Look into car insurance comparison sites and compare various policies so that you can get complete value for your money.

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