Levels of car insurance

Car insurance is a mandatory document for a driver on a road. It is essential that you carry it to avoid any fine and ensure safety for yourself as well as for others. While selecting an insurance policy for your vehicle, you must take into consideration several factors, such as new or a second hand car, money that you can afford as a premium and parking of the vehicle. Car insurance comparison sites may be helpful to you in selecting a right level of insurance for your vehicle and also getting the cheapest of them all.

There are three main levels of car insurance to choose from:

Third Party
It is the minimum and the cheapest level of insurance and favorable for first time insurers, such as teenagers for their first cars, which are not worth spending a lot of money. Third party insurance only includes injuries to other people, including passengers in the insured vehicle and damage done to other people’s property and vehicle. It does not include the damage to the vehicle that you have yourself done and theft of your vehicle.

Third party fire and theft
As the name suggests, it is just like third party insurance but also covers the damage done to the vehicle by fire and in case it is stolen. It does not cover the damage done to your vehicle yourself.

Fully comprehensive
Unlike the above two levels of car insurance, this type covers most of the aspects of motor damage as a result of an accident. Insurance premium is more in this case but the claim received in the event of an accident is also more owing to the worth of the vehicle or the car.

In addition to the areas covered in the above two levels, a fully comprehensive insurance level also covers accidental damage to your vehicle, personal accident benefits, loss/damage to personal items kept in the vehicle and medical expenses.

But not all the policies are identical. Basic things are generally covered in most of the policies but other items may vary in different policies by different policy providers.

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