Lessons to be learnt by young drivers

The car insurance surveys bring forth some shocking facts. A survey was conducted by the Co-operative Insurance and Brake which is a road safety charity and the research revealed that 30% of young drivers admit that they have indulged in reckless driving in spite of knowing that it can make them pay. Reckless driving can lead to some very serious accidents.

3548 people were involved in a poll by the Co-operative insurance’s campaign called “2young 2die”. The poll was conducted with the help of national road safety challenge. The youngsters involved in the poll were under the age of 25 years. Out of all these people, 1065 people admitted that they put their own lives at risk as well as the lives of other people who were there on the road. This was because they drove recklessly on the roads. They also flouted the rules and regulations.

Out of all these people almost 25% of the people drove their car without a car insurance policy. The people do not make use of car insurance comparison sites and find themselves a good insurance policy. There were people who did not have a car driving license. There have been many campaigns that have been launched to make the people aware of the rule and regulations but this does not make any difference to the thinking patterns of people. The youngsters still continue to drink and drive and flout other rules and regulations and come across some serious accidents.

The youngsters are involved in crimes like breaking the speed limit, not driving cars with license and car insurance and racing on the streets. If you have a child that takes his car to the university or is new to the driving scene, you should make sure that he knows and follows all rules and regulations so that he is not at a risk of getting involved in accidents.

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