Legal documents required for a driver

Car insurance is a legal requirement for a vehicle before it is taken out on the UK roads. It protects the vehicles from monetary loss arising from damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident. Various car insurance comparison sites offer insurance premiums to a driver after taking into consideration various aspects including the driver’s age, gender and marital status. Generally, a car insurance policy covers the driver for the damage done to his own car, theft of his vehicle, physical injuries to the driver and damage done to other people’s property.
A third party insurance cover for your vehicle is a legal requirement in UK if you are a driver. This is the most important document that must be with the drivers at all times when they are on the road behind the wheel. By visiting car insurance comparison sites, you can get a cheap third party insurance cover that fits well as per your insurance needs.
Other than this document, there are many other documents that a motorist should be able to show anytime to a policeman on a UK road. One of these documents is an Insurance Certificate. It is a legal document issued by the car insurance company. It states the current insurance cover on the vehicle and about the type of insurance cover, drivers named under the cover and various benefits attached with the policy. It also states the expiry date of the policy.
A cover note is a certificate by the insurer company stating the provision of a temporary policy until the actual policy is issued. It is also a legal document but becomes invalid once the original policy has been issued. A car insurance policy document is a written agreement/contract between the insurer and the driver. It depicts the level of coverage, benefits included or skipped, provisions made and the expiry date of the document. The driver’s license is the basic requirement before hitting the roads. In the United Kingdom, a driving license is issued by ‘Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority’.
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