Learner drivers duped of their money

This news may be a cause of worry for the parents whose children are learning driving or for the people who themselves are learning how to drive a car. According to a research conducted by Young marmalade, which is a specialist car insurance company for the young people, almost 86% of the young people or the learning drivers are being duped of their money by the insurance companies. This is being done by providing high rates to them and thus charging more money. Some of the parents ad their children’s insurance policies to their own and this is why the companies are showing such an attitude.

The typical cost of a learning driver is minimum £2,000 and maximum £50,000. This cost is added to insurance polices that are held by their parents. This is one of the reasons why almost 300000 people in UK, who are learning driving, are moving on the reads without any car insurance policy to their name. This is an illegal act and they have to know this that the rules and regulations have been made more stringent and people are being held and their vehicles are being confiscated.

These figures have come across as being horrific and have raised an alarm for the officials. There is a minimum driving experience required in order to be eligible for the license and one needs to learn driving with the help of professional trainers. People who have valid insurance policies want that the rules should be more stringent and there should be more punishments for people who do not have a car insurance policy. It is thus advisable that you find your car insurance deal on the car insurance comparison sites and find a deal that saves you money. You will be able to compare different insurance policies and see the benefits and setbacks of each of them.

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