Latest news from the car insurance market in the UK

Car insurance industry has been on a rise in the recent past. All because of the compulsory insurance needed for legally driving a car on road as per the UK legislation. And with millions of cars on road, it comes as no surprise. Here is some latest news from the world of car insurance if you are planning to buy one soon.

According to a recent study, it has been found that women tend to hide some facts while applying for cheap car insurance policies. They follow the policy of truth being bent a little for personal gain. If you are of the fairer sex, ensure that you be a little more careful with this. It is better to be clear with facts at first place than to be sorry when it is time to claim for insurance because there are chances that you might not get the entire claim if clauses are breached. The insurers are following strict methods so that customers are up with true facts while claiming for insurance.

There are clauses that define the basis on which insurance companies can refuse cover. Speeding too often is one of them. Most of the times, speeding can result into booking and issuance of tickets with penalty to pay. Recent measures to deal with it is to educate people about dangers of rash diving rather than to penalise them. Such exemptions are only for the first time offenders. If you are a repeater, chances are that you might be refused cover by insurers.

Insurance premiums have shot to sky rocketing prices in the past few years. Young drivers have been hit the most by it and also the ones craving for cheap car insurance. Such high premiums have actually forced many to drive cars without an insurance cover when it is mandatory to do so. Northern Ireland’s consumer council has launched a campaign calling people to sign online petition to get insurance premium cost to be reduced. This is because Irish people have been observed to pay the most as compared to their counterparts when it comes to premiums. Also, the gasoline charges have been comparatively more in Northern Ireland than the rest of the UK. Due to the existence of less competitive insurance market, premiums are least likely to see steep down. It is expected that the campaign is bound to make some considerable changes.

Gone are the days when dodging the authorities into checking your insurance policy was easy. Today stringent methods with latest technologies are followed and police crackdowns on offenders have increased. Accidents can be put to minimum if such methods are put into practice.

Online availability of insurance has made people choose better as cost comparisons can be made with most insurers making quotes of cheap car insurance policies available on websites. With a lot to choose from, customers have been observed to select the cheapest of the quoted rates. This can be problematic as the clauses included in such policies might not allow to claim for the most. Decide beforehand so that you do not give into the lure of cheap car insurance and choose wisely so that you need not be sorry later when it comes to claims.