Large Number Of Uninsured Cars

Most motorists make sure that they insure their cars with this being a legal requirement here in the UK unless their vehicles are declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) and kept off public roads. However, it has been revealed by Churchill Car Insurance that has done some research through the Motor Insurers Bureau that there are a significant number of cars that are not insured.

Too many vehicles in the UK are not insured

There are a surprisingly high number of motorists in the UK that have no car insurance.

Apparently, it is the Greater London region that has the highest number of uninsured vehicles. It is estimated that there are 215, 970 vehicles that are not insured out of a total of 3,932,057. That equates to 5.5% of cars in that region that are not insured. In East London, it is estimated that 13.4% of vehicles are not insured which is the worst area in the UK when looking at the percentage of uninsured vehicles.

The North West region is in second place where it is estimated that there are 175,625 vehicles uninsured out of a total of 4,083,301 with this equating to 4.3%.

In third place is the West Midlands with 110,337 vehicles estimated to not be insured out of a total of 3,349,283. This equates to 3.3%. It is estimated that Birmingham has 55,142 uninsured vehicles.

The region with the lowest number of uninsured drivers is Northern Ireland with an estimated 30,504 out of a total of 1,038,109 vehicles. This equates to 2.9%.

It is concerning just how many motorists do not appear to have insured their vehicles in the UK. As a minimum, if a car needs to be legally insured, it has to have at least third party cover that covers any damage to another vehicle, to other property or to other people. This level of cover does not provide any cover for damage to your own vehicle or to the driver. It also does not provide any cover should your vehicle be lost or stolen.