L-Plate Hell may Break Loose on the Insurance Policies for Parents

One among the leading car insurance comparison sites in UK has confirmed that parents have been paying higher insurance costs owing to one small mistake that they commit when it comes to insurance. It is a known fact that parents include their children within their insurance cover. The process known as fronting may seem like the best means to cut out on the insurance of the younger ones but it does not come with much help for the parents. As per Confused.com, more of the parents have been bearing heavy insurance costs owing to fronting. It is seen that motorists belonging to the age group of 41-55 years have been paying high comprehensive insurance costs whereas mothers have been facing penalty charges of 14% for including people other than their spouses on their insurance cover.


It is also seen that including a 19-year-old in an insurance cover could increase the cost of the premium by nine times. The newer drivers as well as the ones who do not own no claims bonus may stand to suffer inevitable insurance costs of as much as 67% higher than that of the regular motorist. Furthermore, the size of the vehicle driven also determines the insurance costs for such drivers. The insurance for the learning drivers stands at a higher value owing to their inexperience as well as their likeliness of causing accidents. So when an experienced driver vouches for the person, the cost of the insurance does come down but not without increasing the premium for the person vouching.

One should understand that although fronting stands out as a simple and cost effective option for tackling the premium increase, it is neither what the law permits nor is as salubrious as one may think it is. Parents should understand that younger drivers need all the experience in driving which they may utilise later. Insurance costs will automatically come down once the person gains enough experience as well as no claims bonus.

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