Keep away from cloned vehicles and expensive car insurance policies

People looking for new vehicles have been warned of the cloned cars with over 100,000 stolen registration papers in the circulation. Thieves clone the cars by using their stolen vehicle documents to change its identity and match it with the legitimate vehicle. If the genuine buyers have been duped with the cloned vehicles, they will lose the vehicle as well as their money, once the crime is detected by the authorities and the worst part is that it is not also covered by the car insurance companies.

1,300 cloned vehicles worth around £13 million have been recovered from year 2006, as per the chief Police officer Association. It is speculated that the problem of these cloned vehicles will go a long way with so many registration documents still in the circulation. This problem had come in limelight at the start of the car rime awareness week by the association with the car buying assistance of

According to founder of, buyers are at much greater risk of cloned cars as they were ever before and the cars that have been discovered are just tip of the iceberg. So there are chances of further circulation of the cloned cars. The best way to be safe is to contact a reliable dealer for buying the vehicle.

The president of AA Insurance stated that car purchasing is a fraught with many pitfalls, starting from rogue traders to the forged documents and car cloning. It is always advisable to shop around carefully so that you can keep away from getting fleeced. Same applies for buying car insurance too. Just like vehicles, you should shop around for car insurance with your head not your heart to make the right decision. Car insurance comparison sites can be useful in offering a platform to meet so many insurance companies in one go.

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