Jobs that lead to more car insurance claims uncovered

Everyone drives a car regardless of his profession but a leading car insurance company has come out with some facts and figures that let us know about the jobs that lead to more car insurance claims. It is now known that the worst record for car accidents is held by the computer engineers. This means that most number of claims have been made by the computer engineers. A careful analysis of data from the last year’s claims was done by the leading car insurance company, Churchill.

The study also revealed that the farmers drive most carefully. In the last three years, the farmers made the least car insurance claims. The head of the company was of the view that they have made a list of the top ten such jobs that have registered most number of cases. The list includes computer engineers, sales managers, chefs, doctors and estate agents in the same order. The reason behind the accidents and the increased number of claims is the number of working hours these people have to work for. The work leads to stress and then accidents take place.

The estate agents are bound to take long trips and are found driving more frequently. The research has also brought out the fact that people who earn a living with the help of driving are less likely to suffer accidents as they drive more carefully. This also leads to less number of insurance claims. The list of jobs that made fewer insurance claims included pilots, ambulance drivers and aircraft fitters. If you are into one of the risky jobs that lead to more claims, make sure that your car insurance is in place. Take the help of car insurance comparison sites to know which car insurance will be better for you. You need the best car insurance to cover you, so comparison becomes necessary.

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