Job Titles Could Make The Difference In Proffered Insurance Quotes

A study conducted by a leading car insurance comparison website has resulted in establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between car insurance quotes and the owner’s occupation.

It has been proven that certain occupations tend to have a soft spot for a specific make and model of vehicle. The study has also concluded that one out of every five persons owns either a Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio or a Ford Fiesta. In terms of gross numbers, the three most popular cars that can be commonly found inside the owner’s garage were found to be the Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Fiesta and the Renault Clio, in descending order of popularity.

However, when investigating the vehicles not on the basis of absolute numbers, but on their relative popularity within specific demographics, the picture took a drastic turn. It was found that certain cars were found as common choices for varying professions respectively. The research, which was conducted on eight professional clusters, came up with quite a few interesting results.

Talking occupational choices, it was found that an engineer was likely to opt for a Honda Civic; a soldier would be commonly seen in a Vauxhall Astra; an investment banker would commonly own an Audi A5 and a hairdresser was liable to choose a Ford Ka. Moving further, the study shows that a nurse would have a Peugeot 307; a housewife would commonly own a Vauxhall Zafira; a mechanic could be seen driving around in a Volkswagen Golf and finally, an accountant would reach his/her office in an Audi A4.

Talking car insurance comparisons and the importance of getting a suitably cheap car insurance quote, the study finds that job titles have substantial effect on the insurance quotes offered. For instance, a female soldier owning a 2008 Fiat 500 would be paying less for her insurance cover than would, say, a housewife. The housewife, in turn, would enjoy cheaper car insurance rates than a female investment banker. Also, those who were engaged in the profession of driving famous personalities such as singers, actors and footballers, would also experience marked changes on the price of their car insurance. The latter is largely due to the fact that the celebrities being driven would inevitably be very well-insured themselves, a convenience that would transcend to the drivers as well.

Bob Wilkinson, a spokesperson for a prominent car insurance comparison website commented that the results of the study were hardly surprising and that the job titles of application seekers did play a crucial role in tentative quotes.

“There are definitely interesting discoveries here, but maybe none that come as too much of a surprise. A people carrier is something of a predictable car for a housewife to drive and indicates their need to be driving children around more often. A small cute car such as the Ford Ka is what you might expect from a hairdresser and a dependable car like a VW Golf is a sensible choice for a mechanic. Maybe we would have thought we’d find something a bit more flashier for an investment banker, but perhaps this is an indication of the recession biting!”

Wilkinson finished by saying that owners should always double check whether they have their correct job titles on the insurance papers or not, since the right job titles are vital elements in getting suitable car insurance quotes.