Is It Good To Have So Many Insurers?

There are dozens of insurance companies offering car insurance in the UK. The question is: “Is it good to have so many insurers?’

the more car insurers that there are the betterfrom the customer's point of view

There are dozens of car insurance companies that can be accessed using a price comparison website

The answer has to be a resounding: “Yes” but why is this? Well, the more competition that there is then the more likely you are to get a cheaper car insurance policy.

Furthermore, in addition to price, the greater the competition could mean that you are going to be offered a better range of features and benefits with your policy. For instance, you may find that one insurer provides only the basic level of breakdown cover by just coming out to your car if you have broken down on the road beyond a certain distance from home as part of the policy (roadside assistance) whereas another insurer may offer not only roadside assistance but will also come to your home if you cannot start your car.

So, how do you access quotes from so many insurance companies as to do so must take an awful amount of time and effort? Yes, if you were to contact each one individually it would take up a lot of your time.

The alternative to doing this is to use a price comparison website as many provide access to dozens of car insurers. In fact, you could use the services of more than one price comparison site as not every one of them are likely to have all the same insurers advertising with them. Also, do bear in mind that not all car insurance companies appear on price comparison websites.

When using such a website you will find that you are only required to provide the information requested once. This will save you a great deal of time. You can then compare the quotes and look at the cover provided.

Do bear in mind that when arranging car insurance it is not just about trying to get cheap cover – the level of cover is also a very important factor.