Is It Beneficial To Include Breakdown Cover With Your Car Insurance?

When you apply to take out car insurance there are normally a number of optional extras available to you that you may be asked to consider. These could consist of things like legal cover, replacement key cover, personal accident cover, protecting your no claims bonus and breakdown cover.

sometimes it could be less expensive to include car breakdown cover in a car insurance policy than arranging separate cover

Why not check to see if it is cheaper to include car breakdown cover within your car insurance policy rather than take it out separately – Image credit: Graham Richardson.

Obviously, you are under no obligation to accept any of these but, if the writer’s experience is anything to go by, you may wish to look further into comparing the cost of breakdown cover that is taken out directly with the breakdown company or arranging it through the car insurer.

The writer has breakdown cover that includes cover should he break down at home, on the road, recovery of the car either to, for example, a garage local to home or to be taken to a garage in the location of where the journey was to be made to. The cost of including this level of cover within the writer’s car insurance policy is just under £80 per annum but would have cost just under £150 per annum if arranged online with the same breakdown company. That is a saving of about £70 per year that, in the current financial climate is “not a figure to be sneezed at”!

Therefore, when getting a car insurance quote, if you are interested in car breakdown cover, you may wish to see what it costs to include this optional extra within your car insurance in comparison to the cost of arranging breakdown cover independently with the company concerned. It costs you nothing to find out and may save you some money.

Even if you already have separate car breakdown cover, you might like to look into the various costings taking into account any possible penalties/fees for switching your breakdown cover and adding it to your car insurance. There is obviously no point in moving it if it does not save you any money but it will not take you long to find out if any saving can be made for the same level of cover.