Is It All About The Price?

When you go shopping to buy an item of clothing there are a number of things that most people take into account in their decision making process. For instance, you may have a favourite shop that you visit because you like the look of the premises, the quality and presentation of the clothes, the service that you receive from the staff and the price is within your budget.

So, when you go shopping for a good car insurance deal what is the main thing that you are looking for? First and foremost, you need a policy that provides you with the cover that meets your requirements whether that be fully comprehensive, third party or third party fire and theft insurance. You may want to protect your no claims bonus, have as low a policy excess as possible, want legal protection and car breakdown cover.

It is quite likely that the majority of car insurance companies will provide you with most of the above features and benefits so what else are you looking for?

the price that you pay for your car insurance is important but is it the major reason why you choose a car insurance company?

Should you make a claim it is important that the car insurance company deal with it proficiently

Some people choose a car insurance provider because the company has been recommended to them by a friend or relative who has perhaps had to claim on their policy following an accident and, at that time, received an outstanding service from the staff in the claims department.

Another factor that some people take into account is the name of the car insurance company, preferring to take out their car insurance with a well-known “household name”.

However, for many people, we still keep coming back to the price. A huge number of people, especially in the current financial climate, are looking for a policy with cheap car insurance premiums. One of the ways of doing this is to use a price comparison website as they often provide access to dozens of car insurance companies that are looking to compete for your business and competition is good for the customer.

A price comparison website enables you to shop around for a policy that provides you with the features and benefits that you require at a price that you are comfortable with.

So, is it all about the price? Well, for many it is but, it has to be said, for some it is about some of the other factors that we have mentioned and perhaps some others as well.