Iphone App Reminds Insurance Renewal To Drivers

Now the drivers will get a great help in combating their motoring cost and remembering the automotive work with iphone application. The new multi-utility application has clickable easy to use options for the drivers. The application is designed for easy navigation of various car related features with just a click.

You can easily choose car profile function according to your journey, and locate the destination and know about the traffic conditions through local info maps and traffic maps respectively. Drivers can locate the nearby amenities so, if your car is giving any problem, you can easily locate a car workshop and get the job done and enjoy the journey.

The drivers will have an accident tool kit, which can be used in emergency. During accidents, the drivers are in a helpless condition but with the help of accidental tool kit, you can do repair work and avoid claim. This will help you in combating the rise of insurance premium after the accident claim.

In event of any accident, the driver can fill the accident form through the phone application. The claim handler will contact the victim driver within 24 hours and you can get quick claim, which will help you in recovering from accident.

One can also store important information regarding the vehicle in the application that includes road tax renewal as if you forget, your car might get towed away but the new application will ensure that you remember the date of its payment.

The same way parking permit and insurance renewal dates are also stored in the application. The reminder of insurance renewal will help the driver in searching a suitable insurer at car insurance supermarket. The motorist can compare the affordable car insurance quotes at the car insurance comparison site and finalise the deal accordingly.

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