Insure your vehicle by looking in car insurance comparison sites

According to Sainsbury insurance company, a lot of honest drivers have been overpaying car insurance premium due to all the damages and accidents caused by negligence of uninsured ones. With majority of drivers cutting down on the car insurance premiums because of ongoing financial crunch, problem of driving without a car insurance cover has increased. Sainsbury further reveled that over past twelve months; around 516,000 people have been caught driving without a car insurance cover in UK.

Of all the drivers who were interviewed for finding out the reasons for driving without a car insurance cover; majority of them said it is because they are not able to afford the Car insurance policies. Some also said that they forgot to cover their cars and some said they intentionally did not want to shell out money for insurance. Head of Sainsbury car insurance, household budgets becoming restricted because of recession, a lot of people are looking for cheap car insurance policies and many of them are reducing their existing car covers.

Driving without car insurance cover is not any option given to these drivers. Breaking laws and driving without insurance can lead to disastrous results. Due to uninsured drivers, honest drivers have to pay an additional GBP30 every year. Uninsured drivers have also contributed around 230000 injuries and 160 deaths. You will be left with financial headache while driving without a car insurance policy.

Whatever may be your reason, driving uninsured can put you in great trouble. If the reason behind driving insured is the cost of car insurance policies, look in car insurance comparison sites. You will find a variety of car insurers who will provide you cover at the most decent rates. No need of driving under the fear of attracting penalties, buy a suitable car insurance policy without any hassles.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.

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