Insurance Sector Hit with Rising Fraud Claims

The current status in the insurance supermarket is gloomy. The insurance sector has been hit by a series of inflictions that has shaken its very core. It has been reported by the leading insurance group in UK, Which, that there is a marked increase in the fraudulent insurance claims in the last calendar year. It was noted that an appalling amount of £800 million went down the drain as a result of the fraudulent insurance claims. The Association of British Insurers or the ABI released a study which showed that the insurance frauds have continued to trouble the insurance sector and although the claimants have been temporarily benefited with money, the long term repercussions have been ignored. Furthermore, the car insurance comparison sites have found that the insurance claims- false ones are widespread like the other insurance related offences. This makes it virtually impossible for the insurance sector to revert back the damages caused unless it is the increase in the insurance premiums. What the claimants do not realise is that they pay for their offences directly or indirectly in the form of increase insurance premiums while also dragging the honest citizens who have not resorted to any such means.

The fact that surrounds such insurance frauds is that the cheats cannot prosper for long. If caught involved in such activities, they are liable to being reprimanded with criminal records and also marring the chance of getting a decent insurance premium in the long run. Furthermore, one should not forget that committing such felonies would bring forth higher insurance premiums along with rebuking of their license. On an average, about £44 goes for a fraud insurance claim and given the current situation, the rise in the false claims have set forth red alert among the insurance sector. If you want to maintain your insurance premiums, it is better to compare among the car insurance comparison sites which would help you find a decent premium and a good cover for your vehicle.

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