Insurance Premium Rises With Time

A recent poll regarding the comparison between the today’s driving and 20 years ago driving reveals the motorists likes and dislikes during both the periods. The poll gives some interesting answers but not big surprises, as the motorists and common man is feeling much difference between respective periods due to rise in fuel prices and insurance premium.

The motorists seem to be more concerned about the car insurance quotes as the 1991 quotes were cheap when compared to 2011 insurance quotes. The rise in insurance premium is the main problem faced by the motorists when compared with the driving of today and 20 years ago.

The cars are becoming more luxurious and comfortable but the rising motoring cost makes it difficult to have multiple cars in a family. The safety features in today’s cars have ensured the safety of the driver and passenger but even the cars with safety features have not enough discount can be compared with 20 years back insurance quotes.

The roads were earlier quite open as fewer vehicles used to be on road but now the roads always seem occupied by vehicles. This has increased the chances of accidents and damages, which affect the car insurance premium charges. The car owners who are worried about the rising car insurance prices can check reasonable car insurance quotes at car insurance comparison site.

The providers offer insurance policies at reasonable rates to the less stylish cars with safety features. The drivers in past can do their DIY repair by themselves without invalidating the motor insurance but now the motorists need to go for regular maintenance and checkups at reputed garage or service centre.

The car owners who try to make their hands dirty by doing the repair work themselves might have to pay the fine for invalidating the insurance policy conditions now days.

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