Insurance policy for mature drivers

Different researches on driving skills of varied age groups are being used by insurance companies. These companies are carefully targeting specific age groups with different insurance premiums. Mature drivers are believed to show better driving skills than young drivers, if Industry researches are to be believed. This means a mature age group is less likely to get their cars crashed and resulting in lower insurance claims. Responsible people of over 50 years of age with no conviction or accident since last three years (or with a no claims bonus of at least 4 years) may benefit from reduced premiums as compared to young drivers. Car insurance comparison sites will display different insurance premiums being offered to a young driver and a driver over 50 years.
The needs of mature drivers vary and are different from those of the younger drivers. To cater to the customers better, many insurance companies have added some features so that these policies fit the mature drivers perfectly. One such added feature is emergency additional driver policy. This allows a passenger with a UK driving license to drive the vehicle in the event of an emergency, where the original driver (over 50 years) is not medically fit to carry on for the rest of the journey. If at the time of emergency, there is no passenger available to help the driver, he can make claim for a set payable for the costs to get back home or an overnight accommodation.
It is always better to look around on various car insurance comparison sites before purchasing a policy. The level of each of the policy offered should be compared to notice the benefits and losses in each of them. Drivers can also add extra benefits to their over 50’s car insurance policy such as legal expense cover, break down assistance or a courtesy car hire.
Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.