Insurance Industry and its History with Women Drivers

It is not unknown that car insurance comparison sites have been a tad genuine and lenient for women. It would be a shame not to admit that women are better drivers than men and more responsible when it comes to insurance. Given the two of the above-mentioned reasons, it is a trend that insurance companies have been following by rendering lower insurance premiums for women. A large number of companies believe that women pose a lesser risk to driving and are also less likely to make insurance claims. Time and again, the driving data of the UK shows that approximately 92% of the driving population which is involved in accidents includes men.

Other reasons why women pay less are because women are known to use their cars for less number of occasions and while their cars do not include anything that could have a large engine or power. Given the positives that come from women drivers, insurance companies as well as the car insurance comparison sites offer additional extras such as bonuses and discounts for women. It is seen that on an average women have been paying £567 for their insurance whereas men on the contrary have been doling out £627 even when belong to the same age group and profession. Most of the insurance companies believe that women deserve a better treatment of insurance premiums as a result of their responsible driving and other additional qualities that make them a better customer.

It should be understood that although women have been enjoying a comfortable environment within the insurance sector, the best means to get handy deals would be to shop around. Although, the opportunity may soon end given that new laws have been requested to reform the discriminations in the insurance sector, women need to hold onto their driving history and credit for continuing to enjoy the benefits.

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