Insurance Giant Doubts Proper Enforcement of GDLP

The recently proposed Graduate Driver Licensing program seemed to be a good choice for cutting down on the number of accidents. However, a leading name among the car insurance comparison sites believes that the program would be a tad difficult to launch. The concept proposed by Dr Sarah Jones of the Cardiff University sounds as the plausible solution for the rising cases of accidents as it is seen that one in 5 new drivers have already crashed within their first six months of driving ventures. The insurance company lauded the efforts taken towards the issue but it also believes that enforcing the program in UK would see greater resistance as opposed to that in the other countries.
The head of the insurance company believes that prohibiting the young drivers from hitting the roads at nighttime would provoke resistance but it will be a great approach to reduce road accidents. The program named as Graduate Driver Licensing requires that an underage driver could not take up driving during the wee hours at night unless they have an experienced driver in company. Alongside this, the young motorist cannot take underage passengers during the night as well as a few other restrictions. Although, the program seems like a successful proposition given the current situation in UK, it would take enormous efforts to ban young drivers to take up driving at night.

Furthermore, reducing the number of driving hours for young British citizens would be a positive approach in the driving scene in UK. The leader among the UK car insurance comparison sites believes that UK would need better enforcement and support from the police force in order to bring any validation to the law. The insurance company also advices that young drivers caught in the act of speeding at any instance would irrevocably impose a higher insurance premium that could further demote their status for getting a lower premium cover.

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