Insurance costs increase as young motorists enter University

Experts have noticed a sharp increase in the car insurances prices for the young motorists in the UK when they start to go to the University. The basic reason for this increase is the car insurance companies like to charge more from the vehicles running in a city as compared to a vehicle in a suburban area. Already, young motorists are facing a tough time when they set out for an appropriate policy on the car insurance comparison sites.
This observation has compelled the experts to ask students if they really need a vehicle while they are in the University, studying. According to the estimates from, keeping a vehicle by a student in the University could push his premium by £3,000 or more. It is important that if the students really wish to keep a vehicle while they are at a University, they must find an appropriate insurance policy to minimise their premium by as much as possible. Shopping around for the best deal is the best option for any motorist, regardless of the age or gender.
Students with a poor credit history, points on their driving licenses, or any other factor that can push up their premium further are worst hit when they enter a University. The website suggests the young drivers that they leave their vehicles back home in the suburban area and save considerable amount of money. Running a car in a city center is far more expensive than running it in a suburban area.
BY leaving their vehicles at home for studying at the University, many young motorists may also develop and maintain their no-claims discount as well as be able to quote a low mileage of their vehicles while renewing their policies. Already suffering young lot of motorists in the UK must take necessary steps to save themselves from the extra ordinary premium prices.
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