Increase in car insurance premiums due to Crash for cash scams

According to the top ten ten blackspots that was compiled by Direct Line insurance, five of them are from North England. Fraudsters often make unnecessary stops at slip roads and busy roundabouts, leading the innocent drivers to crash in them. After they have crashed with the drivers, they present inflated claims, usually including the whiplash injuries that were not sustained.

All these frauds are costing car insurance industry estimated figure of £350 million each year, adding to £44 to the premiums. Worst blackspot is the Centenary Way, Trafford Park, Denham roundabout in south and Greater Manchester. Director of Direct Line insurance state that crash for cash frauds pose risk on the public safety too. Adding to premiums of car insurance, they also delay the payouts on genuine claims too as the reported claim one some of the scam sites have undergone inspections already.

These fraudulent claims are also becoming cause of misery for innocent drivers. They are not able to find good car insurance deals due to crash for cash scams. With insurance companies taking stricter steps to stop fraudulent claims, innocent drivers should not lose hope. For getting better deals, they can take help of car insurance comparison sites. With much botheration, they can find the car insurance deals that their needs and budget in these comparison sites.

The best part about looking into car insurance supermarket is that there is a range of car insurance companies available at your fingertips. All you need to do is provide them with some details and they offer finest quotes to you. So do not get disheartened by crash for cash scams as you still have an option to lower your car insurance premiums in a legal and easy manner. Wait no more and find the deals of your choice by checking out a comparison site.

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