How To Get Your Imported Car Insured?

The UK roads are increasingly witnessing a number of imported cars that are high in performance level and cheap too. Car insurance companies are a little wary about insuring imported cars. For the usual cars that are available in the UK, insurers know how to test them for safety and levels of security but for an imported car, they are clueless about how to check them or know how much their repair would cost. This makes the insurance premium for imported cars high.

The basic step while shopping for any car insurance is browsing through car insurance comparison sites for finding insurers who specialize in insuring imported cars. Look for an insurer who is well versed with the factors and risks involved in the insurance of imported cars and get quotes to verify and compare.

You need to be completely knowledgeable about your imported car. Know in which category of imports your imported car falls. Parallel import means that the car is built and is sold in the European countries as per the European specifications. Grey import means the car is imported from any other country that does not fall within EU. Keep in mind various factors that determine your insurance premium. The high speed of your car might increase your premium but improved security and safety might lower it too.

While dealing with your insurance company regarding your premium, be honest and give facts about your imported car. This could help you in any future claiming. As an imported car is more prone to thefts, many imported car insurers look forward to how much careful you are in handling your car. If you park your car in your garage or install security devices in it, it will serve positively in lowering your premium.

If you take good care of your car and drive less, which results in fewer chances of accidents, your insurers will make a positive note of it. At times, being a member of owners club has some benefits too.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.