How May You Lower Your Premiums?

Although the UK economy is looking a little bit healthier in recent months, many people are still struggling financially. So, we thought that you might find it useful to explore a number of ways that you may possibly be able to contain or even reduce your car insurance premiums when your policy is next due to be reviewed.

A benefit of a price comparison website is that it is convenient to arrange car insurance quotes

Using a price comparison website to get a car insurance quote may save you money

The first thing to say is that when you receive your car insurance renewal notice from your existing insurer, check the premium and, if it has increased which they often do, don’t be frightened to get on the phone to your insurance company and ask them if they will re-consider their decision to increase the premium and either leave it at last year’s level or reduce it even further. There is an old saying: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get…”

You could consider going onto a price comparison website and key in the information requested and hopefully receive numerous competitive car insurance quotes. You may find one or more that beats what yours is rising to. However, make sure that you are comparing like with like as far as the level of cover is concerned.

Other factors that may impact on your premium are the likes of where you keep your car overnight. If it is kept in your garage or on the drive your premiums may be lower than if you left it on the road outside your home. Also, what optional extras are you considering including i.e. legal expenses cover, key-loss cover, breakdown cover and personal accident cover as these all cost money What is your level of excess as if you can afford to pay a bigger excess in the event of a claim your premium may be lower.

If you have security devices fitted such as an alarm, immobiliser or tracking device then you may see a reduction in your premium as your car is less likely to be stolen.

Only have people that you know will be going to drive your car listed as additional drivers. This is likely to be cheaper than to have cover for say any driver over the age of 25.

The fewer miles you drive in your car, then the less likely you are to have a road traffic accident. So, if you only do 5,000 miles each year but had said you did 30,000 miles per annum then your premium may be lower because you are less of a risk when travelling fewer miles.

So, the above are just some of the ways that you may be able to lower your car insurance premiums.