How does a car insurance comparison site work

Car insurance comparison sites team up with a range of different insurers allowing them to provide a large number of quotes, ordered by the lowest first. This allows the consumer to select the cheapest or quote that’s right for them.

Firstly, you will be asked to enter your details into the comparison site being asked various questions such as make, model and value of the car and your history as a driver. All these questions are fed into each insurers quotation engine and a quote is sent back to the comparison site, these are then presented to the user to select from.

This is a proven process and is almost guaranteed to save you money if you have never used a car insurance comparison site before and the higher your premium, the more you are likely to save with a car insurance comparison.

Most comparison websites will compare anything from 30 to over 100 insurers and chances are the more they compare, the more likely you are of saving money on your renewal price. The list of insurers to each site usually differs between one comparison site to the next so it might be a good idea to try 2 or 3 of the big ones in order to ensure that you are obtaining quotes from most of the market.

When selecting a policy, try to bear in mind that price is not everything, take into consideration the amount of excess, and additional cover such as breakdown or legal cover included in the price. Also be sure to check the interest rate if you are paying by instalments – they may have provided the lowest quote but you could end up paying more back after interest has been added.

Finally, be sure the company providing your cover is a reputable company, if the lowest quote is from a company you have never heard of, and the next quote in the list is a well known company it might be worth paying a little extra for peace of mind.

If you would like to obtain a competitive car insurance comparison then why not visit today and see how much you can save?