Hike In Insurance Premium In Absence Of Speed Cameras

A motoring charity has gone against the local governments for ignoring the road safety by switching off the speed cameras. The switched off speed cameras have increased the speeding of vehicles on roads as there is no device to monitor them. The rising speed of the vehicles is dangerous for the drivers and road users.

The chances of accident increase with the rise in vehicle speed as it takes time to control the vehicle in case of any sudden interruption on road. The speeding vehicles are found to be another reason of accident on roads thus making the road unsafe for users.

The driver hampers the insurance premium himself due to speeding of the vehicle. The car owner convicted for speeding car might see a rise of around 50% of the premium so it is better to drive in speed limits. The driver who indulges in an accident due to his own fault finds it difficult to get cover and might have to bear the repair charges himself.
The car owner with irresponsible driving habits gets expensive car insurance quotes.

The car owners can search suitable quotes at car insurance comparison site but the driver with good driving habit can easily get discount on premium irrespective of the ones with high speeding habits.

According to the charity organisation, switching off the speed cameras removes the safeguard on road that can keep the drivers in speed limits and save people lives.

The Oxford Shire roads will again become safe, as the local government has proposed the turning on the speed cameras. The police of Oxford County noticed the rise in the speed of the vehicles after the cameras were turned off. The speed cameras are effective on driving habits so the Oxford government is bringing them back for the safety of both the drivers and road users.

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