High Pump prices Knocking Insurance Customers off the Road

One of the biggest concerns while you are driving on the UK roads is the skyrocketing costs of motoring. It is known that most of the car insurance comparison sites have recently raised the bar over the insurance costs, simultaneously adding administration fees, and other hidden costs. Furthermore, the brunt of the rising fuel prices and the insurance costs has not helped much with the driving sector in UK. A recent poll had revealed that one out of every 12 drivers is ditching their driving activity due to rise in fuel prices along with the soaring insurance premiums. This has resulted in more number of drivers opting for ditching their vehicles.


In the survey, it was seen that more than half the number of participants accepted to adopting means to cut out on the insurance costs. They also affirmed to the growing practice of using their vehicles for dire situations when the need could not be overlooked. Most of the participants have already cut down their car use believing that it will help them save enough money on the fuel as well as the insurance. Most of the car insurance comparison sites in UK offer a considerably lower price when it comes to lower driving mileage and the UK motorists have been following the clause with great fervour. However, another of the important facts that has surfaced as a result of the survey is that eight percent of the population has completely stopped using their vehicle at all.

Although, such a practice would mean that more of the citizens would use the public transport system, the fate of the insurance sector continues to linger in the dark. The leader in UK’s insurance sector, Moneysupermarket.com believes that if the fuel costs and the insurance rates continue to grow at the predominant rate at which it is growing, motorists would not matter being cost-savvy.

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