Health Professionals Make More At-Fault Claims

It may come as a surprise to many motorists to read that those people working in some health related occupations are most likely to claim on their motor insurance due to being responsible for a road traffic accident. In fact, within the health sector, it is General Practitioners (GPs) who are most at risk of making such a claim according to research by the price comparison website Gocompare.

GP's are, on average, more susceptible to being responsible for a road traffic accident and claiming on their car insurance than any one in another profession

GP’s are, on average, more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident that is their fault than someone in any other profession

The national average for motorists making at least one at-fault motor insurance claim in the last 5 years is 6%. However, for GPs the figure is 12.58%.

Below is a list of professions making the greatest percentage of claims: –

1. GP’s 12.58%
2. Hospital Consultant 12.05%
3. Outreach Worker 11.05%
4. Hospital Doctor 10.46%
5. Surgeon 10.41%
6. Health Visitor 10.37%
7. Insurance Consultant 10.18%
8. Psychotherapist 10.07%
9. Dental Surgeon 9.93%
10. Psychologist 9.76%

As you can see, 8 out of the above 10 professions are in the health sector. So, why are drivers who work in the likes of the health service more likely to claim on their car insurance as a result of being responsible for a road traffic accident?

There are no doubt a number of reasons. For instance, many of them are in stressful jobs that have an impact on a patient’s health and in some cases survival. When someone is stressed it could lead to him or her not concentrating as much whilst driving resulting in an accident taking place. The majority of road traffic accidents take place in built up areas and the likes of doctors and some other health workers are often making short journeys in these locations.

Obviously, when someone is involved in a road traffic accident that they are responsible for, this could result in their car insurance premium going up when their cover comes up for renewal. Motorists may wish to shop around to see if they can get the cover cheaper elsewhere as the motor insurance industry is very competitive.