Harsher Sentences For Motorists Causing Death By Dangerous Driving

Unfortunately, there are many fatal accidents here in the UK caused by dangerous driving and there has been a call for the penalties for such an offence to be increased significantly. Well, you will be interested to read that the Ministry of Justice has confirmed that it is to take such action and this will no doubt be supported by motor insurance companies.

Of course, should someone be responsible for killing somebody due to driving dangerously, he or she is presently likely to receive a sentence of up to 14 years in prison. Upon their release from prison, if they are looking to drive a car again then they will no doubt find that the cost of arranging car insurance has risen significantly due to their offence.

Well, it is now being proposed that should someone at the wheel of their vehicle be responsible for another person’s death due to careless driving due to the driver being drunk or having taken certain drugs then he or she could now face being sent to prison for life. This is a significant increase than the current maximum sentence.

If a motorist is found guilty of causing the death of someone due to being at the wheel using a mobile phone, racing or speeding then he or she could face life in prison whereas, at the moment, the maximum sentence is 14 years.

In addition, a new offence due to someone causing serious injury by careless driving is to be introduced. We are sure that you will agree this is a positive step forward.

It is interesting that last year 32 drivers were found guilty of careless driving due to being drunk or having taken drugs that resulted in the death of someone else. In addition, 157 motorists were found guilty of causing someone else’s death due to dangerous driving.

It is to be hoped that these harsher sentences deter motorists from driving under the influence or dangerously. Car insurance providers will no doubt closely monitor these proposed changes in the law.