Handle car insurance premium hikes easily now

The increasing traffic congestion, proliferation of luxurious cars and higher crime rates are blamed for car insurance premium hikes in North West England. Drivers here are paying more than 23% extra car insurance premiums than other parts of the country. According to the researchers of Tesco Motor insurance, they are surprised to witness this region beat London in paying car insurance premiums. The figures reveal that premium in North West is around £535.39 annually against £518.34 in London. Women drivers in North West also have to pay higher premiums in comparison with other parts of the country.

In today’s competitive car insurance market, drivers should not go for the first premium offered rather they should shop around to get best of deals to cover their vehicle. The researchers’ elaborated saying that the drivers of East Anglia are paying the cheapest car insurance premiums that is around £399.06. This premium is around 7.7% below average insurance premium paid in UK. High prices in North West are due to the urban population of the place. The two major cities of the place including Liverpool and Manchester that adds on to the traffic congestion, resulting in car scratches and bumps. And also the crime rate of these urban cities is higher. The third thing pointed out by the researchers, it is generally assumed that wealth is settled in South East London but the real pockets of the wealth are in North West London with a lot of valuable cars being driven around by people.

North West has become the blackspot because of above stated reasons. Drivers of this region should not be disappointed with the higher car insurance prices; they should rather look into car insurance comparison sites to get the deals that offer better car covers at lesser prices. With so much competition in the comparison sites, these drivers will surely get great bargains.

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