Green Cars on the Trial for Insurance Customers

The insurance sector has been vying for different reasons among themselves and it seems that they have come out with a new means to compete against. Car insurance seekers have been in the dilemma for buying car models that could be environmentally friendly while also getting them lower insurance prices- all at the same time. With the environment jargons catching pace within UK, more of the UK citizens have been aiming at buying cars that could give them a chance to conserve the environment in their own small way. Besides, with the car insurance comparison sites promising of better premiums for the green car owners, the race is on for the green cars.


However, a shocking new discovery shows that smaller car engines do not necessarily mean that the toxic emissions from the car are negligible. The new application from Volvo reveals that the green cars are as much a culprit in letting out exhaust fumes as are the petrol and diesel run cars. Volvo has released a smartphone application that could inform people about the vehicles that could have lesser emissions and thus help in the aim of giving a green environment. Furthermore, this application is also helpful with finding out the most affordable car insurance for people with the green cars.

So far the application has been able to dismiss any of the myths that come with the small green car. It is seen that 2.5 petrol V70 has almost half of the emissions that come with small cars of the like Fiat 500 supermini. Given this data, it is clear that the application has been able to supply legible and valid data pertaining to vehicle efficiency. The application runs on the data from the Vehicle Certification Agency, which is responsible for finding out official environmental data about the new cars that are sold in UK.

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