Good and Bad Drivers Must Be Differently Treated

Car insurance companies consider different segments in the driver population as good and bad drivers. They fail to segregate between the exceptional cases that do not exactly show characteristics of the group in which they belong. It is simple to understand the logic that not all young boys are racers.

Many insurance companies are firm believers that when a young boy gets behind the wheels, he is dangerous on the roads and can contribute to the statistics of car crashes. The group of young boys is far more likely than any other population segment to have a crash that is serious (resulting in serious injuries or even death).

The insurance industry and the car insurance comparison sites have always acted in a stereotyped fashion. They push up premiums too far in the sky for the young drivers to reach it. These premiums are so high that statistics say that about one-fourth of the teenage boys are driving without any insurance policy. It is the time now to cherry-pick the customers to differentiate between them based on their individual driving skills.

The present situation is in nobody’s favour. Teenagers are not able to get insurance at reasonable prices and other drivers indirectly have to bear the bill. The insurance companies have shown their lack of will and interest or innovative ability to find out a feasible solution. The companies have also failed to acknowledge the fact that driving tests have now become more thorough and tougher.

Incorporating ‘pay as you go’ insurance policy for the drivers cannot expand its wings because of the unwilling manufacturers for the required equipments. Insurers can provide discounts and incentives to the teenage drivers who buy small and fuel efficient cars. They must work on this issue and devise more ways to help the drivers who do not fit into the typical groups.

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