Get rid of jargons in policies, compare car insurance

The customers who take car insurance policies are facing problems when it comes to understanding the car insurance policies. There are a lot of terms and conditions in the car insurance policies. If you have car insurance policy, you too must be having a lot of documents that have numerous terms and conditions listed on them. It is possible that you have not even read them once. The customers are of the view that the terms and conditions confuse them and they are not able to understand what will be the result of particular action.

This research has been done by to bring forth the problems of the customers who get car insurance policies. The terms and conditions are one of the reasons why it is advised that the customers should compare car insurance on car insurance comparison sites and then buy a policy. The survey has found out that almost 42% of the british drivers fail to understand the complex language used by the insurance companies in the terms and conditions. There are a lot of jargons used in the industry which are not understood by the people who buy the policies.

There are almost 23% people who do not know what “voluntary excess” means. 51% of the people are not aware that “material fact” means the personal information that a customer is supposed to give. This information can affect the payment that the person has to pay for the policy. Almost 17% of the total people surveyed confessed to the fact that they never bothered to read what their policy had to say. It is important to read the terms and conditions and if you do not understand them, make sure you ask your car insurance company and clarify all the doubts.

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