Get lower car insurance by polishing your driving skills with help of your parents

Insurance companies plead parents to take the responsibility of their teen drivers. While this is no doubt about the fact that car insurance premiums are rising but a recent research shows that shopping around is more important than ever before your renew your car insurance policy. Further insurance rise is inevitable but it is possible to control the affect of this rise on your personal budget. Looking into car insurance comparison sites is one of the effective ways to lower car insurance premiums.

A research conducted by Aviva disclosed that around 17% of the young drivers pass the driving tests if their parents support them with additional practices. One out every two young drivers who have paid for taking the driving lessons have passed their tests after four attempts. This research also showed that young drivers who did not practice with their parents have been involved with accidents and made a claim on their insurance the very first year of their driving.

Motoring expert form Aviva Company stated that he is aware learning to drive is stressful for the parents and teens. So to make the approach easy, the company is offering free guide that can be downloaded by parents to get useful advice and tips on how they can help their young drivers to get better at driving.

The research reveals teen drivers who are able to gain the experience of driving under their parent’s guidance are most likely to clear the driving test at first go. The better young drivers get the better car insurance premiums they will be able to get. Check out car insurance comparison sites and get the best of rates for getting your car insured. A plethora of dealers will offer you tailor made policies at the price of your choice. Look no more and log on to a comparison site for bets bargains for your car.

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