Get low insurance quotes with safe cars

The new vehicles are coming with more safety features which help the car owners to get low insurance quotes. The cars with safety gadgets ensure its security and hence increase the faith of the providers. The provider offers good discount deals to such drivers who ensure safety of their vehicle.

The efforts of car makers to defeat the thieves looking out for car theft are not only recognised by the consumers but also by the industry in an award event. In the 2011 British Insurance Vehicle Security Awards the winner comes out to be the new Volkswagen with advanced safety features. In the van category the Vauxhall won the award for manufacturing safest van.

There are some new manufacturers who keep a keen eye on making the cars safer against any kind of damage. The event also recognised these new makers by awarding like the Audi A1 in the city car and the Volvo C30 in the family car section.

These awards will further encourage the manufacturers to make more secure cars that will not only ensure vehicle safety but also enable the car owner to get low insurance quotes. The recognisation of manufacturer efforts in any event by an award encourages the company to proceed in the same direction and gain excellence.

The car owners with best car make and car model can get low insurance quotes from car insurance comparison site. The potential car buyers can select the car models with best safety gadgets to ensure low insurance quotes from any provider.

According to the chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders the reduction in motor theft showcases the progress made by the manufacturer in ensuring vehicle safety. The manufacturers of automobiles try to stay one step ahead of criminals to combat the rising statistics of car theft in UK.

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