Gamers Might Pay Heavy Insurance Premium Due To Worse Driving

According to a new research, the motorists who frequently play driving games are worse drivers. The gamers are less competent behind the wheels and so are less efficient drivers. The gamers drive cars on screen and by regular practice perceive themselves as fine drivers but it is not true.

The motorists, playing games like F1 2010 and Need for Speed, are found to be incompetent to safe driving. Whether the gamers are great driving game player still they are not able to handle the daily road manoeuvres.

According to a research, the driving game players suffer a crash more and even found jumping a red light as compared with average motorists. If the motorists disobey the traffic rules and prosecuted then he will have to pay fine and bear the hike in premium charges, as the insurance companies do not cover such drivers who drag themselves into the risk due to their fantasy and imagination. Even if you see car insurance comparison site then the drivers who drive unsafely have to pay heavy premium for their car insurance policy.

The motorists who are also gamers even while having inferior driving abilities still feel that they are better behind the wheels. The driving player motorist becomes overconfident about driving after playing many driving games regularly but they are actually a road riskier. The gamers try to mimic their acts of games on road and indulge in unsafe driving which result in collision and damage.

The safety expert of Continental Tyres told that the safe driving needs the concentration of the driver, road appreciation, good vehicle conditions and awareness regarding the potential risks. It is true that driving game can easily develop such skills but it is different to drive on screen and on road so the drivers must take extra effort to drive safely on road.

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