Formula One Stars Joined Car Insurance Campaign

The formula one star motorists participated in the campaign of road safety along with the prime minister. In a recent initiative by the government for road safety, British Formula One (F1) drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button and Prime Minister David Cameron were seem promoting the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety campaign in the UK.

The road safety campaign is a worldwide scheme targeted to save around five million lives and stop around 50 million serious injuries on roads. Even the Former F1 champion Jenson Button showed concern on rising deaths and injuries on road accidents just because simple safety measures are not in place.

The formula one champion gave credit to his helmet, seatbelt and other car safety features that work together to aid in reducing the injury risk. Following safety measures improves the concentration on road while driving. He even advised that the safety measures in formula one must be adhered by the formula one car lovers on public roads to drive safely just like expert drivers do in formula one circuit.

The prime mister Mr Cameron also stressed on road safety campaign and showed his concern on needed roadwork to improve the UK roads. The popularity of McLaren motorists might help the government to aware the UK car motorists about the safety measures required to prevent road accidents.

The boost to road safety campaign might also help the car owners to get cheap car insurance quotes, as safe driving increases the chances of availing low car insurance quotes. The car drivers following car safety measures can ensure reasonable car insurance quotes from car insurance comparison site.

It is a known fact now that the drivers with less or no accident in kitty can get affordable car insurance quotes as compared to other irresponsible drivers.

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