For Cheap Car Insurance, Take Care Of Them Tyres!

Turns out driving habits and modifications aren’t the only factors knocking up car insurance premiums. A poll by has found that insufficient tyre maintenance is another headache to be added on your things-to-do list for a successful premium.

The study claims that bald or defective tyres could set you back by as much as 10,000 pounds and a denial of your car insurance claim. Adding to the sorry figures, you could also be hit with three penalty points, which will only keep adding up every time you are caught.

Starting with a fine of 2500 pounds and three penalty points, the fines will simply keep mounting, reaching apoplectic sums of 10000 pounds.

However, the deplorable truth, as revealed by the survey, is that almost 60% of UK drivers stay nonplussed about the correct tyre depth, 1.6 mm. Ignorance leads to lack of efforts to do the needful, resulting in the aforementioned punishments for the unfortunate drivers.

And the oblivion doesn’t end here; an equal number of people stay dazed and confused on how to fill air in their tyres. Hilariously, an astounding 14% are unaware that tyres even need air to be filled in them!

Gareth Kloet, Car Insurance head of a reputable service provider, commented that tyres with extremes in air pressure can wear down the tread of tyres all too quickly.

A car insurance comparison with and without proper tyre pressure will reveal a world of difference between premiums, so it really pays not to be caught napping when it comes to tyres.

He also added, “An easy way of checking tyre tread is the 20p check. Place a 20p coin into the main tread of the tyre and if the rim of the coin is covered by the tread, this shows it is a legal road-worthy tyre.”

Other ways of keeping tabs on your tyre pressure are by checking and adjusting them atleast once a month. One should also ensure that the tyres are stored in hospitable temperature conditions, not below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and never above 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keeping your tyre pressure in check is just another nail in the horse’s shoe that can help you win the war to clinch a cheap car insurance policy.