Flood-Prone Areas under the Scanner to No Insurance by Car Insurers, Warns ABI

Owing to the extreme climatic differences that UK has been facing for a long time now, it has come out in the notice that these dire circumstances also have the ability to embark a rise in the insurance rates. Because of the increasing risk of floods in the offing, the ABI or Association of British Insurers has warned the UK citizens to be wary of increasing insurance premium rates. Car insurance comparison sites believe that the increasing threats from the climate department would render few areas in the UK unsafe, and thereby, uninsurable.
The increasing surge of floods occurring in the UK over the years shows a clear impact of global warming. Flood risk is bound to alter the entire scenario in the insurance sector, with some regions more affected. Although the car insurance comparison sites offer flood insurance, which consists of paying for the car damage due to the floods, there are some exceptions. Most of the car insurance companies do not pay an amount more than that of the current market value of the damaged car while they also do not address the issues pertaining to the excesses that your personal insurance policy shows.

In such a scenario, a person living in a flood-prone region will gradually not be able to afford the increasing insurance rates. The car insurance comparison sites no longer remain positive about the increasing damages due to the floods, a clause that has been prominent in the UK since the floods in 2007. It seems that gradually the insurance companies would try to occlude the flood insurance clause for flood-prone regions; a step that will affect thousands of UK car owners.

In case of a flood warning, it will be of best interest to move your car to a safer place and make sure that you do not use your vehicle during the floods. Insurance companies do not cover for the damage rendered under such cases.

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