Five-year-old cars top in claims ratings

If you are into driving for last five years, it means that the insurance companies may add you to the group of people who are ‘most likely to claim’. Virgin money car insurance has carried out a research and found out that 9.6% claims out of the total claims that came to the company were from the people who had four or five year old cars. The cars that have reached this age may get involved in getting car claims but the claims may not necessarily be due to the accidents in traffic.

In the research, it was found out that 40% of the claims are made by the cars that have reached this age and out of these 40% claims only 24% of the claims are for cars that were on the roads. The cars that are ten year old account for almost 6% of the total claims that came to the company. There are other cars as well that are not even a year old but the number of claims made by these cars is just 2%. The spokesman of the insurance company is of the view that most of the people tend to change their vehicles I every three to five years and thus the research has some justification.

This just means that when you have to buy a second hand car, you should make sure that the car meets all the standards of the road. To find the best car insurance policy, you can go to the car insurance comparison sites and find a car insurance policy that gives you maximum coverage and offers discounts as well.

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