Fines For Uninsured Drivers To Increase

According to the AA the cost to the UK of drivers being on our roads without car insurance is substantial. The figure is estimated to be a minimum of £380 million per annum and the impact of this on your car insurance premiums is that you are paying around £33 extra each year – that is no small sum especially in the current financial climate. In addition to these figures there is also court and emergency service expenses.

car insurance premiums are £33 pa more due to uninsured drivers

Should uninsured drivers face custodial sentences?

To help bring these figures down the government are looking to increase the fine for driving without car insurance that is presently £200. It is expected to increase by £100 to £300.

Apparently, it is the opinion of Simon Douglas who is the director of AA Insurance that, although the increase is appreciated, it will not do a great amount to stop those who make a habit of not bothering to insure their cars. It will identify those who have forgotten to renew their car insurance on time but there are a lot of young drivers who may have numerous motoring offences against their names who are not insured.

The AA would like to see the system of penalising persistent uninsured motorists altered by using such things as tagging electronically, community service or even sending some offenders to prison in extreme cases. The AA is encouraging the government to re-think about how they deal with uninsured drivers.

It could be argued that if someone cannot afford to pay a £200 fine then why would increasing this fine to £300 act as an increased deterrent. Perhaps if there were more police patrol vehicles fitted with the necessary equipment to identify those motorists without an MOT, car tax or insurance may also help.

We would welcome your opinions on this subject so please feel free to comment and make any sensible suggestions.